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Proper Use - Your responsible application resource for Termidor® products

General Overview

BASF, the manufacturer of Termidor® family of products, is committed to promoting responsible pesticide use. Whether you are a professional applying Termidor or one of the over 4.5 million U.S. homeowners whose homes have been successfully treated with Termidor, you can do your part to ensure the proper use of Termidor products.

Termidor products should be applied by licensed Pest Management Professionals/firms that have completed the BASF Termidor Training program.

As you review the material we’ve made available, please read the label carefully, paying attention to the shaded stewardship statements on the front panel that highlights important information regarding proper use.

We also encourage you to share these resources with anyone using Termidor products.

If you have questions about the proper use of Termidor products, you may also call 877-837-6436 or 800-777-8570, or email your questions to

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