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Training & Education

The products, strategies, and support you need to control rodents more effectively, efficiently, and profitably than ever before.

The SmartSolution for Rodents was developed to help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your rodent control program. It combines the innovative Roguard™ Rodent Management System and research-based training, education, and support.

The result is far less time spent cleaning and servicing bait stations and more time to devote to other vital actions, like inspecting for conducive conditions, communicating with staff, performing exclusion, and searching for and treating burrows.

The Roguard RMS includes a host of unique design innovations that not only make it more effective at controlling rodents, but also set a new standard in ease of station opening, cleaning, and servicing.

The SmartSolution Guide to Exterior Commercial Rodent Control gives you insight and guidance on rodent inspections, service guidelines, program customization, audit success, and more.

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