Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide

Deliver trusted results both indoors and outdoors for active infestations and recurring maintenance treatments.


Alpine WSG Water Soluble Granule is an excellent choice for ants, German cockroaches, house flies, Brown Marmorated stink bugs, and more! It’s also ideal for resistance management. The label allows PMPs the flexibility to use the product both inside and outside, even off-structure* – letting you go almost anywhere pests go.

  • Demonstrated transfer on ants**
  • Non-pyrethroid, non-repellent solution that prevents pests from being locked indoors
  • Odorless, mixes clear and doesn’t clog equipment
  • Can be used in food-handling establishments


The active ingredient in Alpine WSG insecticide, dinotefuran, has been granted reduced risk status by the EPA for public health (indoor uses).


*In the state of New York, do not apply outdoors except for Crack & Crevice or spot treatments to structural components, stumps, utility poles and fences.


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- Carpenter ant transfer study with Alpine WSG & Termidor Foam. G. Buczkowski. Purdue University. 2013

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Absolute Ant Control: Inside and Out

For homeowners, ants are the number-one nuisance pest, and the top reason they request your services. With genuine transfer effect that eliminates the entire colony, Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide is the nation’s most trusted ant control solution. Combine it with the innovative residue-transfer action of Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide inside the home to gain Absolute Ant Control both inside and out.

Absolute Ant Control: Blasingame Pest Management Testimonial

Well established in their local community in Metro Atlanta, Blasingame Pest Management recounts their experience using both Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide and Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide to control ants in residential areas.