General Pest Control

Powerful and Proven General Market Pest Control.

The BASF General Pest Control portfolio delivers cutting-edge solutions for pest management professionals looking to improve their customers’ lives while increasing efficiencies and profit potential. We offer the most powerful products for existing and emerging pest control challenges including bed bugs, fleas, ants, flies, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, scorpions and occasional invaders. Whatever your needs are in the field, we have the proven solutions that can immediately contribute to the success of your business. Broadest portfolio of innovative products to maximize your chemical spend.


A broad range of products to combat a multitude of pest control challenges faced by homeowners.


Pest control in commercial applications requires products that are both effective and compatible with the unique needs of the business.



Ants are the leading reason property owners call a pest management professional. BASF has the ant control solutions you need to successfully control the problem and build your relationship with customers.

Bed Bugs

BASF bed bug solutions are specially formulated for quick knockdown — even of pyrethroid-resistant adults, nymphs and eggs — and for developing a long-term prevention plan.


With the best strategy and portfolio of advanced technology for cockroach control, roaches won’t stand a chance. Partner with BASF to give your customers the effective solutions they deserve.


Quicker knockdown, longer-lasting control, better affordability. It’s time to minimize customer inconvenience, technician time and labor with BASF flea control solutions.


Flies can serve as vectors for Salmonella, E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Listeria, and more. Get effective long-term control that addresses flies at their source and provides immediate relief from adults.

Occasional Invaders

When dealing with occasionally invading pests such as spiders, cockroaches, crickets, and flying/stinging insects, choosing the right products and application techniques makes all the difference.


Control rodents more effectively, efficiently, and profitably than ever before with BASF rodent control solutions. Discover a new standard for ease of station opening, cleaning, and servicing.


Scorpions can pose a risk of stinging to humans and pets. BASF scorpion control solutions deliver fast knockdown, residual control and broad coverage, helping reduce costly callbacks.


Successful mosquito control is best achieved by recognition and treatment of breeding sites. We have the solutions to kill the larvae before they develop into disease-carrying, adult mosquitoes.

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