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BASF offers termite baits to help with both pre and post construction needs. When the subject of termite pre-treatments comes up on construction site, some concrete subcontractors worry about the building process interruptions required by some liquid termite technologies. Pest management professionals can alleviate these hassles by installing the Trelona® Advance Termite Bait System in a convenient single visit after the final grade of the property has been finished.

Able to eliminate entire termite colonies in as little as 120 days, the Trelona® Advance Termite Bait System is a treatment recognized by state regulatory agencies and lenders to satisfy the termite closing letter requirements. What’s more, homeowners like baits because they offer visible long-term protection without large amounts of termiticide.

Powered by the active ingredient Novaluron, Trelona ATBS provides ongoing structural protection through colony elimination. The new annual inspection label gives you the flexibility to check stations just once a year so you don’t have to compromise profitability with labor costs. And Trelona ATBS gives you full ownership of your equipment and no requirement to share your customer’s information with the manufacturer.

As if that weren’t enough, Trelona ATBS delivers protection homeowners can see with no landscape disruption. Nothing compares to Trelona ATBS.

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