Pest Control past products

Below is a list of BASF Pest Control products that have been discontinued. Please click on "Find a label or SDS" for storage, disposal and additional information.

Pyri-Shield® EC Emulsifiable Concentrate Premise Insecticide    

Clear Zone® Double Impact Farm Fly Spray

PT® Phantom® Pressurized Insecticide

PT® FastOut® CS Foam Ready-to-Use Insecticide 

CyhaloCap® CS Controlled Release Insecticide

Phantom® GPC Termiticide-Insecticide

PT® Pro-Control® Total Release Aerosol Formula 1

Roguard™ RMS

PT® Orthene Crack & Crevice® Pressurized Residual 

PT® Perma-Dust® Pressurized Boric Acid Dust

Optashield® CS Controlled Release Insecticide 

Microcare® 3% CS Controlled Release Insecticide

Termidor® Dry Termiticide

PT® Cy-Kick® CS Pressurized Insecticide

Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System

MotherEarth® D Pest Control Dust

MotherEarth® Exempt Contact Insecticide

PT® Cy-Kick® Pressurized Insecticide