PT® Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide

Add new customers and generate recurring revenues by offering an effective, long-lasting bed bug prevention plan using genuine Phantom® insecticides.

With their superior residual control, including on mattresses where bed bugs love to hide, Phantom® insecticides are proven effective even on bed bugs that have become resistant to pyrethroid treatments. The active ingredient actually becomes more toxic once inside the insect, leading to reliable, proven control. The combination of efficacy against pyrethroid-resistant strains plus long residual control makes Phantom® insecticides the ideal choice for your most effective bed bug control program.

Two different Phantom® insecticide formulations, Phantom® SC Termiticide-Insecticide as a dilutable concentrate and PT® Phantom® II Pressurized Insecticide as a ready-to-use aerosol, control tough bed bug problems in residential and commercial settings.

Rely on Phantom insecticides for superior preventive control and resistance management.

Overcome resistance with a novel mode of action


Phantom® insecticides operate in stealth mode: bed bugs can't detect them, so they don't scatter or avoid contact when applied. The active ingredient enters insects unobstructed and goes to work, delivering greater control with fewer callbacks.

How Phantom®, a pro-insecticide, helps manage resistance

Bed bugs may become resistant to traditional insecticides like pyrethroids

Bed bugs are less likely to develop resistance to a pro-insecticide like Phantom

Insect Survives

Limitations to pyrethroid insecticides:

  • Insects use their internal enzymes to break down insecticides such as pyrethroids.
  • Resistant strains may possess higher levels or more efficient forms of these enzymes.
  • Insects destroy the toxin or neutralize the toxic molecules within their bodies.

Insect Dies

Advantages of a pro-insecticide like Phantom insecticide:

  • After entering the insect, it is metabolized into a chemical form that is more toxic to the insect than in its original form.
  • Since the insect’s own chemical reaction creates the more toxic form of the active ingredient, the chance of developing resistance to the active ingredient is greatly minimized.

Phantom insecticides: Two effective formulations for wherever bed bugs hide

Phantom SC Termiticide-Insecticide:

Phantom Termiticide-Insecticide solves the toughest pest problems. Formulated as a dilutable, the powerful active ingredient chlorfenapyr is known for its long-lasting efficacy and novel mode of action.

PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide:

There is no better way to maximize the effect of a pesticide than to place it where pests spend a majority of their time – cracks and crevices. Ready-to-use and armed with injection straws, PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide is easy to apply directly to the sites where it works the hardest while using a minimal amount of product. You save time and money without sacrificing quality.


Long-lasting residual control

Phantom SC efficacy of 3 month and 6 month aged medium-density fiberboard, fabric and masonite on pyrethroid-resistant CIN1 bed bugs

3-month-aged dried residues

6-month-aged dried residues

The active ingredient in Phantom insecticides, chlorfenapyr, is often referred to as a resistance buster. These charts show excellent efficacy on the CIN1 pyrethroid-resistant strain of bed bugs. In addition to being a resistance buster, Phantom insecticides also show tremendous residual control with good efficacy on residues aged 3 months and 6 months. Drs. Ken Haynes & Mike Potter University of KY

DO NOT apply to entire mattress; apply only to edges, tufts, folds, sides and seams.


Always read and follow label instructions.

Phantom and PT are all registered trademarks of BASF.

Protection from Pests with Pressurized Products

BASF Technical Market Manager, Dr. Joseph Argentine on using pressurized products to protect against pests.

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