System III-PMP full kitchen

System III®

For the best performance, highest integrity and professional appearance

The System III® is a professional application tool designed exclusively for BASF Aerosols. The System III flexible hose allows for easy application of BASF aerosol and also maximizes the applications per can. 

Look and perform like the professional you are

The modern look and design of the System III, along with its compact form, elevate the professional image of PMPs in the eyes of customers. Technicians equipped with the System III are instantly associated with state of the art technology and latest generation pest control.

System III builds your business

The System III makes PT pressurized insecticides more practical and profitable. It optimizes the flow of product, resulting in precise, controllable applications, reducing product usage. Additionally, it increases the number of applications for compatible pressurized insecticides by up to 67 percent. In short, it makes them work smarter.

Put the power of pressurized precision to work in your business

To learn more about the System III and how BASF’s complete line of compatible pressurized residual and contact insecticides can enhance your business success.

System III compatible products

System III® is designed exclusively for Whitmire Micro-Gen pressurized products which are labeled "For use with the System III"
System III® compatible products include MotherEarth ProCitra-DL, PT P.I., PT 565 Plus XLO, PT Cy-Kick, PT 221L, PT Orthene, MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Insecticide, Alpine Pressurized Insecticide, Phantom Pressurized, MotherEarth Exempt Contact Insecticide

Treatment Technique: Crack and Crevice - Fogging Applications

Packed: System III Complete includes gun, hose, can clamp, belt and pouch

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