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Termidor® HP II High Precision Injection System

Treat today like tomorrow. Revolutionary innovation.

The termite control technology of the future is available here and now, ready to transform your business. By removing the need for manual trenching, drilling and rodding1, the Termidor® HP II High Precision injection system reduces your labor and optimizes your efficiency.

With its onboard computer, this advanced technology always applies an exact amount of finished dilution. Use it to apply Termidor® HP II termiticide for continuous and uniform treatment zones, resulting in 100% termite control in three months or less! 

Termidor termiticide, a proven performer for more than 16 years, is the most trusted name in termite control. Combine it with this new high-precision injection technology to revolutionize your business and our industry.

Benefits of Termidor® HP II High Precision Injection System

  • Breakthrough technology: Hydraulic trenching replaces manual trenching, with no digging and minimal-to-no drilling, enabling treatments in up to 90% less time than conventional application methods.
  • Highly efficient: Time savings that substantially increase the number of treatments you can complete in a day. Treatment to depth no longer required.1
  • Homeowner advantages: Minimal disruption to landscapes and patios. Eliminates concerns of drilled holes in patios and pavers. Enables peace of mind, knowing the home is completely protected by the strength of Termidor.

The breakthrough technology that’s changing termite treatment for PMPs

  • Hydraulic injection replaces manual trenching
  • Inline mixing saves time and guarantees dilution accuracy
  • Onboard computer ensures accurate application
  • Exclusively for use with Termidor HP II and Termidor HP termiticide

In this competitive field, the Termidor HP II High Precision injection system will give your company cutting-edge technological advantages.

Amazing efficiency with Termidor® HP II technology

  • Treatments with Termidor HP II injection system saves up to 90% of the time needed when compared to conventional treatments2
  • Hydraulic trenching replaces manual trenching, thus no digging is required1
  • No drilling abutting hard surfaces is required1
  • No rodding to depth is required1

Revolutionary advantages for homeowners

Market research in six U.S. cities reveals that homeowners prefer treatment by Termidor HP II injection system.3

  • No manual trenching, drilling or rodding is required around the home. Application sites remain virtually unseen.1
  • Termidor is injected into the soil with precision to create zones of protection around the home.
  • 100% termite control is achieved in three months or less.

1 In most applications.

2 Time and Motion Study, Arizona 2014. Results based on a 200 linear foot home (Conventional and Termidor HP: 160 LF trench & treat, 40 LF drill & treat.) Termidor HP II based on treating 229 LF.

3 Homeowner research, BASF 2012 and 2015.

Always read and follow label instructions.

Termidor and Termidor symbol are registered trademarks of BASF.

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