Sting back.

Inspect these common entry points, harborage locations and nesting sites for stinging insects, then find the right BASF products to control them effectively.

Common Nesting Sites Around the Home

1. BBQ islands

8. In various Styrofoam insulation

15. Baseboards and ceilings

22. Around rain gutter

2. Pergolas

9. Utility line penetrations

16. Around doorways (gaps)

23. Eaves and soffits

3. Decks

10. In padded ceiling insulation

17. Under floors

24. Along gutter downspouts

4. Patio furniture

11. Inside the attic

18. In wood-soil contacts

25. Around windows (sills and frame)

5. Inside wall voids

12. Under roof deck

19. Fascia

26. Crawlspace vents

6. Hollow blocks

13. Under roofing panels

20. Under outdoor siding

27. Shrubs and trees (tree holes)

7. Weep holes



14. In and around chimneys


21. Porches and entryways

28. Mulch

Recommended Products

Indoor Products

PT® Fendona®, PT® 565 Plus XLO and PT® PI® can be applied indoors, and they all feature a quick knockdown. Since these products are oil-based aerosols, they can potentially stain or dissolve materials such as Styrofoam insulation. If possible, test on a sample material first.

PT® Wasp-Freeze® II Wasp & Hornet Insecticide

PT® Wasp-Freeze® II can be applied from 15 feet away, minimizing the risk of stings. It is one of our most effective products to use against stinging insects and spiders. However, it can only be used in attics, crawlspaces and outdoor areas, like chimneys and decks. It may stain asphalt roofing shingles, so testing a sample area first is recommended.

Alpine® Dust Insecticide

Alpine® Dust is extremely effective against stinging insects. If insects are burrowing into decks, pergolas or fasciae, control them by applying Alpine Dust into the burrows. It is advisable to treat nests in the evening when insects are less active and to wear protective clothing to avoid stings.

Solutions by Nesting Site

Solutions by nesting site

Always follow label directions

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