Field results, not lab studies, demonstrate efficacy of termite bait and liquid combination treatments

From left: Dewey Brunson of Best Home & Properties Services with John Loesch of BASF



Pest control companies are responsible for safeguarding their customers’ most valuable investments from termite damage. Using the most effective solutions and having access to expert advice and training are ways to ensure your termite business and reputation thrive.

For complete termite control, using a combination of nonrepellent solutions from BASF can ensure the most effective ring of protection available on the market. It’s the treatment protocol Dewey Brunson, owner of Best Home & Property Services, stands by for his customers. Located in Conway, S.C., Best Home & Property Services was started by Dewey’s parents in 1962 and serves the Myrtle Beach area and surrounding communities.

Dewey took over the family business in 2015. Being in a region known for high termite pressure year-round due to the climate, he wanted to be sure Best Home & Property Services lives up to its name. “More than half our accounts are termite treatments in an area with a lot of building going on,” says Dewey. “My goal is to keep our current customers satisfied so we can count on their renewal fees while we continue to go after new termite jobs with developers and homeowners.”

Fact: Trelona ATBS annual bait stations offer faster hits1, active protection, and PMPs own the product and the account.

The treatment plan begins with Trelona® ATBS annual bait stations as the primary treatment around the structure, followed by a secondary “wrap” that includes Termidor® HP II high precision termiticide injections and Termidor HE high-efficiency termiticide, when trenching around piers, drilling voids and drilling into slabs and crawl spaces.

Dewey worked with John Loesch, his BASF sales representative, to establish the treatment plan. In fact, it’s been a decades-long relationship, since John worked closely with Dewey’s parents and knew Dewey when he was younger, learning the ropes. “John does his homework so he knows our business,” says Dewey. “He asks the right questions and understands our challenges, opportunities and goals.”

Fact: Termidor HE high-efficiency termiticide and Termidor HP II high precision termiticide maximize time and labor savings, so PMPs can complete more jobs every day.

Contrary to rumors of secondary repellency, Dewey has noticed significant improvement in efficacy and call back rates when using bait and liquid together. “It costs more up front, but with this two-solution plan, customers get the added benefit of a 10-year guarantee from Best Home & Property Services. That’s how much we believe in the effectiveness of Trelona ATBS annual bait stations and Termidor termiticides together.”


“To my team, it’s the best of both worlds.”



1 2012 University of Delaware, Graduate Research Dissertation

Always read and follow label directions.
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Field results, not lab studies, demonstrate efficacy of termite bait and liquid combination treatments.

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