Ridesco WG Insecticide


Introducing Ridesco WG insecticide, BASF’s newest innovation in pest control. Combining dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, two active ingredients that are trusted by pest management professionals (PMPs) around the world, Ridesco WG insecticide is a powerful tool for PMPs to manage a wide range of troublesome pests.

Key Benefits

Go Simple
  • Easy to mix and measurewith a convenient built-in measuring cap
  • Quickly disperses in water,easy-to-handle WG formulation
Go Broad
  • Flexible labelallows for application indoors, outdoors, and in food handling areas, plus on landscapes and lawns
  • Powerful performanceon a broad range of critical pests including American cockroaches, ants, house flies, spiders, bed bugs and more
Go Strong
  • Two AIs trusted by PMPs worldwide– a powerful pyrethroid and a unique neonicotinoid – now together in one convenient treatment
  • A great addition to an IPM program,with dual modes of action for effective insecticide resistance management

Where can Ridesco WG insecticide be applied?

  • Commercial locations
  • Residential locations
  • Interior areas
  • Food handling areas
  • Landscapes and lawns

Protect Against

Ridesco bottles

American cockroaches, ants (including fire ants, bigheaded, excluding harvester, pharaoh), armyworm*, cutworm*, sod webworm*, billbug*, chinch bug*, aphids*, beetles [including elm leaf beetles*, Japanese beetles (adults)*, leaf beetles*], boxelder bugs*, brown marmorated stink bugs*, caterpillars* (including armyworms, bagworms, cutworms, leafroller, loopers, tent caterpillars, kudzu bugs*, lacebugs*, mealybug*, mites* (including  clover mites), plant bugs*, psyllids*, scale*, sow bugs*, spotted lanternflies*, thrips*, and whiteflies*. 


* Not for use in California

Trial Results

Ridesco WG insecticide demonstrated excellent efficacy against American Cockroaches and Argentine Ants. On different surfaces, it performed better and faster when compared to competitive products (see results below).

American Cockroaches | 0 days-aged | porous surface

4 hrs exposure time for crawling insects

American Cockroaches trial result graph


Testing completed by Snell Scientifics, LLC 4/2019-7/2019

Argentine Ants | 0 days-aged | non-porous surface

4 hrs exposure time for crawling insects

Argentine Ants trial result graph

Downloads and Resources

Labels and SDS

Always read and follow label directions.

Before using, be sure Ridesco WG insecticide is registered in the state where it will be used. Check any special state requirements for the use of neonictinoids. Ridesco is a trademark and Crack & Crevice is a registered trademark of BASF. Onslaught is a registered trademark of MGK. PolyZone, Suspend and Temprid are registered trademarks of Bayer.

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