Building a full cockroach tool set

Desiree Straubinger, BCE, CP-FS
Technical Services Representative - BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

Building a full cockroach tool set

Chemical control tools are a key component in cockroach control programs. BASF provides an array of solutions that ensure PMPs have options for most any situation: eleven different products from five different pesticide formulation types, with six or more different active ingredients.  

Baits such as Avert® DF dry flowable cockroach bait (abamectin B1), Alpine® cockroach gel bait rotation 1 & 2 reservoirs (dinotefuran), and MotherEarth®granular scatter bait (boric acid) provide three different formulation choices to deliver palatable, non-repellent, efficacious cockroach bait.  Liquid dilutables include non-repellent options such as Alpine® WSG water soluble granule insecticide (dinotefuran) and Phantom® termiticide/insecticide (chlorfenapyr), and repellent options like Fendona® CS controlled release insecticide (alpha-cypermethrin). Pressurized/aerosol solutions include non-repellents like PT® Phantom II pressurized insecticide (chlorfenapyr) and PT® Alpine® pressurized insecticide (dinotefuran), and repellent contact residual or non-residual/flushing options such as PT® Fendona® pressurized insecticide (alpha-cypermethrin) or PT® 565 Plus XLO pressurized contact insecticide (pyrethrins/PBO/dicarboxamide).

This full team product approach to cockroach management allows PMPs to select the right formulation, active ingredient, and product type (non-repellent/repellent) for their customer’s specific situation and level of cockroach infestation. Recent field reports highlight the use of Alpine WSG water soluble granule insecticide, a non-repellent liquid dilutable, in conjunction with other non-repellent bait or dust formulations to achieve excellent control of even the most challenging cockroach infestations.

Insecticide active ingredient resistance, cross-resistance to multiple active ingredients, and bait aversion (food matrix) can be persistent problems for PMPs. Diverse bait formulated products like Avert DF dry flowable cockroach bait or MotherEarth granular scatter bait and gel bait formulations with multiple types of food matrices (Alpine cockroach gel bait rotation 1 & 2 reservoirs) have become key components in mitigating or slowing the onset of bait aversion in cockroaches. Having a variety of products with different modes of action - that is, different IRAC numbers - in your toolkit and regularly rotating them is essential in slowing active ingredient-resistant populations from spreading. It’s important to remember that the same active ingredient in a bait formulation that’s being applied alongside the same active ingredient in a liquid dilutable formulation does nothing to curb active ingredient resistance formation. Losing efficacy of an active ingredient crosses all formulations of products containing that active ingredient, which is an important point to remember as you review your cockroach control program.

Desiree Straubinger

Desiree Straubinger has spent over 20 years studying and teaching about the insect world. As Technical Services Representative for BASF, Desiree leads efforts to build and share technical knowledge throughout the industry. She makes certain that those she works with gain the right expertise to get the job done.

Desiree graduated Purdue University with a degree in Entomology and is a Board-Certified Entomologist (BCE) as well as a Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS). Her true passion for the pest industry was revealed when she began her career as a pest prevention specialist in Orlando, FL. The following 20 years were spent in various positions with pest control companies including Market Technical Director for Rentokil and VP Technical for Certus Pest, Inc.

Desiree’s passion for the profession has led her to become an industry leader, working to elevate the industry and increase interest in the field of entomology. She serves in key positions on numerous boards and committees, including the Incoming President of Pi Chi Omega, PMP Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, and ESA Southeastern Branch Nominations Committee.


Always read and follow label directions. 

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